November 25th, 2022


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The Pearl is Wasiri Rasu Gajaman’s 1st coffee table book, a collection of stunning nature and wildlife photographs, shot only in the beautiful island, Sri Lanka, also called as “The pearl of the Indian ocean”.

He has been involving in photography since 2005 and has visited and explored many scenic, hidden places in Sri Lanka. He has enriched his collection of photos exploring the whole country from Point of Dondra to Point Pedru, from deep sea to the highest elevations in the central highlands. He has also visited most of the national parks, sanctuaries, nature reserves and protected forests in the island. His photography has covered black and white, colour, macro, aerial and underwater. He is also very fluent in using the art of the nature and the natural patterns, the light and the shades, variety of the textures of the objects nicely to enhance the beauty of his photographs. As a result he has become an owner of some thousands of photographs of many elusive animal, very rare animal behaviors and very rare artistic nature photographs. Some stunning 200 photographs are included in this book with a little description for each photograph, that include the common name, scientific name, location, special notes regarding the animal and some nice stories behind the photograph and some special techniques that used to photograph them, camera details and settings etc.

Book size 268mm × 245mm

160GSM 240 Pages

Hard cover section sewn bind